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Out My Window

Posted byEli
A fantastic interactive documentary in 360•. The meaning is on the inside. What we create and how we live.

No Time to Sleep - 30 Days Til World EXPO

Posted byJanis Healy

Skeptics are saying that the pavilions won't be ready for their May 1st debut at the World EXPO in Shanghai.  But if you take a close look at this photo taken just a couple weeks ago... you'll see that builders are wasting no time.  Catching catnaps right onsite.  I've heard from colleagues that crews are working around the clock.  30 days and counting...


Meanwhile, check out more stunning photos of these "works in progress" at World EXPO 2010 onsite photos.



Video for your iPhone

Posted byTracy Cogswell

Because I’d been good this year, and also because my original model iPhone was finally out of contract, the Holiday Fairy brought me an iPhone 3GS for Winter Festival. Yippee!

Trolling the App Store for fancy new apps that take advantage of the 3GS’s special features, I came across two really cool video applications (not that, as it turns out, either of these require the 3GS, but I won’t tell the Holiday Fairy if you won’t):

iTimeLapse Pro by Laan Labs lets you “create stunning time lapse and stop motion videos straight from your phone”. I created a stunning time lapse video of my drive in to work this morning (see above). As fun as that was, it’s the stop motion that really seems exciting to me, but that will take more time to play with test. Videos can be up to 1200 x 1600 pixels, or 1536 x 2048 pixels if you have a 3GS. ITMS App Store Link: iTimeLapse Pro.

Ustream Live Broadcaster by, Inc does just that – it streams live video from your phone straight to the internet, where all your friends, family, colleagues, customers and ex-boyfriends can see it – LIVE. OK, you can control who gets to see it if you want to; you can require a password for access. Tweet your audience to let them know a broadcast is starting or schedule your programming in advance. Did I mention that it broadcasts LIVE? From your PHONE? My tests showed a 10 second delay, but others report delays of as little as 1 second. Quality is so-so, but hey - it's a LIVE broadcast from your PHONE. Broadcasts can be saved for post-event viewing. When I do something more exciting than drive in to work, I'll broadcast it and update this post with a link so you can view it. ITMS App Store Link: Ustream Live Broadcaster.

What are your favorite apps, 3GS-specific or otherwise? Or, if you are from the non-iPhone camp, what apps do you have that kick the iPhone's butt? Post your choice picks in the Comments.

Next week: fun with the 3GS's Compass!


Ok so AR did make me buy a magazine!

Posted byEli

EDPA Keynote: Strategy Driving Tactics=Results

Posted byKeith

The above mantra was heralded in a keynote speech at the annual  Exhibit Designers/Producers Association conference where, as an industry leader, the message from EWI Worldwide was to not only build extraordinary exhibits--but to leverage physical experiences to better solve client problems, build their brands and create customers.

You can read press coverage of this keynote address at


Check out the Slideluck Potshow!

Posted byBill Blatt
Here's an example of the power of community when it's founded on something truly authentic:  one photographer's backyard pot luck dinner/photography exhibition has evolved into an international benefit event that brings professional artists and novices together based on a shared passion for art.

Tim Brown: The powerful link between creativity and play

Posted byEli
At the 2008 Serious Play conference, designer Tim Brown talks about the powerful relationship between creative thinking and play -- with many examples you can try at home (and one that maybe you shouldn't).

Your Photos as Wallpaper - Myfotowall (GALLERY)

Posted byMatt
Your Photos as Wallpaper - Myfotowall (GALLERY)(TREND HUNTER) Remember those super cheesy murals of tropical beaches or forests? The retro decor could become hip again thanks to Myfotowall, a site that lets you customize wallpaper with your own photographs. It's as easy as sending in your favourite image, whether it's a shot of the most amazing sunset you sa… [More]


Mosaics for Marketing - Steve Jobs Made of Apple Products (GALLERY)

Posted byMatt
Mosaics for Marketing - Steve Jobs Made of Apple Products (GALLERY)(TREND HUNTER) We've seen some awesome photo mosaics, some even functioning as more than art and delivering social commentary. While this image of Steve Jobs doesn't hold any moving messages about society, it could serve a function. The entire image is made of up Apple products, so the finished portrait could fu… [More]

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