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In-Store Communications Winner

Posted byKatie
On Tuesday the 18th, the Association for Retail Environments recognized EWI and client HTC with the "In-Store Communications" award for our work together on the "HTC One Showroom."
The pop-up installation, featured in high-traffic malls in 10 major U.S. and Canadian cities, was designed to deliver a compelling customer journey in which brand ambassadors could engage guests with hands-on demonstrations and first-hand education, all focused on creating a relationship between the brand and its customers.

Once shoppers enter the space, an array of interactive areas – focused on the HTC One’s differentiators, including the HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe and HTC Sense TV™  – attract visitors and give them a hands-on look at the unique features of the phone. Brand ambassadors interact with guests, talking with and learning about their lifestyles and needs in an environment teeming with conversational influence, demonstrations and education. Built to be smart and flexible, each interactive delivers detailed analytics.  HTC Reps fill out surveys after each customer presentation to track day-by-day trending needs and questions.

The result was a showroom that invites people to stay and play and discover all the ways the HTC One lives up to its tagline, “Everything Your Phone Isn’t.”

Check out the above video, featuring shoppers' reactions to the space.

Program partners: Hornall Anderson

150th Birthday Celebration

Posted byKatie

It's not every day you get to celebrate someone's 150th birthday.

This week, Ford Motor Company (client) activated efforts worldwide to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of founder Henry Ford. From a giant cupcake birthday cake to road rallies, showroom transformations and of course - a coordinated digital presence that encompassed Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and more - it was a global feat. From the Ford press release, here is a snapshot of some of the activities:

  • The state of Michigan declared this “Henry Ford Day”
  • In Washington, D.C., hundreds downtown and on Capitol Hill marked the day enjoying commemorative cupcakes delivered by a food truck
  • Dealers in 21 Asia Pacific markets have launched Ford Heritage month, transforming showrooms into exhibitions on Ford’s rich history
  • Ford of Germany marked the occasion with a series of five road rallies that celebrated Ford’s numerous automotive breakthroughs over the last 110 years
  • More than 4,000 people attended community events held by Ford in Romania
  • In Great Britain, celebrations were capped by the reveal of a restored statue of Henry Ford at the company’s UK Tech Centre

And, the celebrations have just begun. This week represents the start of a whole year of dedicated events - but live and online. Read the press release for additional details.

Shark Bait

Posted byAlisha
For people who love the ocean and love to learn, Shark Week on Discovery Channel is considered a holiday. Every year The Discovery Channel features week long programing that is all about sharks, all the time. Showing footage of the large and aggressive animals can be scary for some but the channel found a humorous way to introduce the event.

This promotion is a different path than the previous years. Previously the network would use footage of giant, twenty-five foot great whites ripping through the water and attacking various animals. This light-hearted approach opens the door to hype up the audience in a way they’ve never seen before. Already dubbed as the best commercial of 2013, this ad definitely got the audience talking.

Check out the video above to find out how.

EWI Worldwide and HCEA Annual Meeting Join up to Donate 300+ Books to Sammy’s House

Posted byKatie

Thanks to the attendees of the 2013 Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association (HCEA) Annual Meeting, 327 books (and counting!) have been donated to nonprofit Sammy’s House of Austin, Texas.

Sammy’s House supports young children who are medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed and at risk for poor academic achievement. These delays can be due to established risk, such as genetic anomalies, biological risks such as pre-maturity and environmental risks such as prenatal drug exposure, abuse, neglect and poverty.

All of the books donated through the annual meeting will be used to create an early childhood literacy intervention program new initiative, called the G-tEE - Give to Experience Education program - which will offer children an approach to learning that will emphasize multi-sensory, customizable, interactive and inclusive activities to support early childhood literacy and language skills.

Over 40 Annual Meeting attendees personalized books and shared their stories – from the classics to the new favorites – to Sammy’s House. To check out some photos of attendees who were inspired to contribute their favorite book, check out our Facebook page. More photos of the growing literacy program are expected soon.


Your Graphic Voice

Posted byAdam Sweet
In this very cool experience, Murmur, by Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Polygraphik and Splank, a user walks up to a peculiar, glowing, megaphone which is connected to a blank concrete wall via an LED-lit cord. 

As you speak, your voice becomes translated into randomized graphics which are projected onto the wall. A few excerpts from a recent article:

“The main idea is to communicate with the wall, trying to turn it from a concrete and cold presence to a living and responsive surface."  

The quirky megaphone and bright, blinking, LED cord... "might seem a bit whimsical, but they’re absolutely integral to visualizing an invisible process, and leveraging digital technology to connect a person to the analog world."

“'The installation is based on the popular kid’s game of listening and talking through [cups] linked by a thread.'”

Link to video.

Read more about it on Co.DESIGN too.

Coca Cola Happiness Without Borders

Posted byAdam Sweet

This is a really beautiful experience; helping to unite two groups of people who may not interact at all, yet are similar on so many levels. 

Interestingly, it has almost nothing to do with the brand or product, and everything to do with the user and lifestyle. 


Enjoy this soulful video. More information:



Key Trends: Event Marketing Summit 2013

Posted byKatie
Waiting for class to start at EMS 2013.

The annual Event Marketing Summit is known for big ideas and big campaigns - and this year did not disappoint. Here are the top findings from our attendance this year - with the caveat that try as we might, we couldn’t attend every session that we wanted to.  

  1. Employees are gaining more market share and attention. Several brands talked about the importance of communicating internally – and not just to the sales force. One presenter from Textron, the maker of the Bell Helicopter – shared concerns  about keeping new product details under wraps, even from employees. An information leak happened despite their best efforts, and when they realized that the leaked information wasn’t factual, they decided to embrace it instead, and go for full transparency. The resulting campaign was a mix of surprise and delight, starting with tactics as simple as window and floor decals in employee lunchrooms. The campaign that started with employees also served as the foundation for an incredible product reveal. They may not be responsible for sales directly, but employees certainly bring something to the table when it comes to brand integrity, reputation and buzz.
  2. Long product cycles and sustained outreach. This year, we saw a bit more focus on those brands that face long product cycles. Whether its helicopters or cars, it seems that brands are shifting away from campaign or program-focused execution, and instead looking for the long game. What are the implications for the brand identity? What kind of messaging are we putting in the marketplace? By being considerate of the flow of information and cadence, some are finding a way to refocus on the sequence of live events – not just a few nights a year.
  3. The brand ambassador is changing.  Forget booth babes and the traditional product specialists! We kid. But seriously, for many of the events and case studies we saw, the idea of the brand ambassador is going through a fundamental shift, and not just for tradeshow programs. Take Genlivet’s campaign, The Guardian. This membership club brings together highly curated content, events and recommendations, anchored by the venerable, agency-created, Jonathan Dram. (Who, by the way, comes complete with his own Pinterest account: Another presenter that we saw talked about how one automaker worked with an architect for a recent event and even asked him to open his home and car collection to journalists. And, Audi shared their efforts as they identified a niche audience representation, skiers, led by a former US team member, as they delivered experiences for one of their most niche products, the Audi allroad. While these representatives are implicitly talented and cool – they also safely guard their own creative content and presence, so good luck telling them what to do and say, exactly. In the words of the Glenlivet representative, properly vetting this group is a “fine art.”
  4. The power of the personal story. We believe this goes hand in hand with the trend in brand ambassadors. While a corporate brand is cool, personal stories are better. The Textron marketer talked about how their sales meetings kicked off with a look at what makes their speakers unique – and those interests helped drive better connection during those meetings. Likewise, Paul Blurton of inVNT found that people who had the same personal aspects as those the brand was working to emulate (creative, adventurous, discerning, etc.) helped create touchpoints that prospects and customers could relate to. Interesting people, they are finding, drive more interesting conversation and more effective communications. While it means less control, better relationships are the tradeoff.

Sending a huge thank you!
Last but not least, thanks to everyone who joined us at our UX track session, “Big Footprints, Bigger Impressions: Making the Most of Large Real Estate.” Great questions were asked. If you want a copy of the presentation, leave a comment or contact us at media ‘at’


Exxopolis – An Escape for Students

Posted byAlisha
In a world of fast paced environments it is difficult to remember how it feels to slow down and think, Architects or Air (AOA) are making it easier for students at Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB) to find a place to decompress from their running schedules of classes, work, friends and the future.

AOA has created a structure called Exxopolis, a giant structure that can hold up to 80 people. Made entirely of PVC plastic panels it boasts multiple sitting pods that dot the walls and places to sit and lay down. The inside of the structure is set up as a kind of maze. The tunnels continue forever, further making the individual lose their bearings and orientation. The color inside the structure is created by natural sunlight streaming through colored panels on the roof and walls furthering the tranquility that is already in place by the warmth of the music playing throughout the structure.

Students at CSULB worked for nine months in order to get the structure to their campus. It has created an environment to involve and immerse fellow students in as a stress reliever, acting as a vacation in the middle of the semester.

Wild Ideas Through Collaboration

Posted byAllen Bram
The other night I saw a great interview with David Kelly, Founder of IDEO. He worked with Apple & Steve Jobs on the first mouse and some iterations of the first Apple Computers. Some key thoughts I pulled from the segment was solving problems with empathy and that requires being closer to the end user, so get out of your cube and observe!  The interview also reinforced one of the most essential foundations I believe in any business, we need to build on each other ideas to succeed. 

It's All About Perspective

Posted byAlisha
Check out this video from TED speaker Sue Austin. When a disabling disease forced her to live life in a power chair, she found the strength to change her life.  It’s a great lesson for all of us when it comes to the power of storytelling, perspective and understanding.
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