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EWI Worldwide and Pep Boys Win RDI Innovation Award

Posted byKatie

We are proud of our work with client Pep Boys on the Road Ahead Store, and excited to share it was recognized last week at the Retail Design Instiute's Internatoinal Store Design Awards Ceremony. It won an "Innovation Award" for Wayfinding, Signage and Environmental Graphics.

More about the program:
Specialty retailer Pep Boys is historically known as a DIY car enthusiast’s go-to for car parts, auto accessories, and car repair services. Despite its success, the company found its current retail design was underserving a large market: “do-it-for-me” drivers, including many female customers. To win them over, Pep Boys worked with EWI Worldwide to execute an entirely new retail environment. Using store audits and audience information, EWI worked closely with the Pep Boys marketing team to deliver a concept based on transparency, simplicity, and the 1921 brand’s rich heritage. From new, intuitive navigation to the coffee shop feel of the service lounge, every turn of the new “Road Ahead” store works in sync to deliver a high-end experience. Our understanding of the brand’s strategy and ability to manage every step of the program — from market understanding, to traffic flow, to fixture selection, to overall project management — has helped increase sales, which is what Pep Boys leadership has called “the real payoff.”

Congratulations, Pep Boys!

Brand Immersion

Posted byKatie
 Waterproof shoes are required to go through some real-world testing with Tom at a city not known for rain - Barcelona.

Their solution to prove out the value? One's own personal rain cloud, helping push test subject Tom to a manufactured breakdown about three-quarters of the way through the video.

This video captures brand messaging quite clearly - even managing to fit in most if not all of their product lineup - and with a little help from public bystanders, personal technology (yes, they're constantly recording if the shoes are getting soaked with a iPhone) and clever editing this brand has made something relevant to a young, urban audience.

Our favorite moments? Tom's looks as people flee from him in public parks.

Read the full story via Ad Age here.

Think Big, Act Little

Posted byKatie
Sometimes making a big impact doesn't mean that you have to put all your eggs in one event.

This campaign - inspired by just one tree in San Francisco - was an immediate, spontaneous opportunity gave the Kellogg team at Leo Burnett a chance to make a connection with one of media's other famous tree dwellers: The Keebler Elves, and their Hollow Tree.

The team took the show on the road, working with parks and gaining permission to plant the tiny doors all over the country - starting the "Tiny Doors Project."

Check out the video for a little magic, and this Ad Age article for photos and more information.


Nike Concept Store - Made from Trash.

Posted byKatie
Check out these photos from the new Nike Store in Shanghai. Made of  recycled materials, it is built to be a flexible, transformable space for any promotion or event Nike may hold. Better yet - it's built to be cradle to cradle. Materials are not glued together, so can live on as other recycleable materials, or keep changing shape forever as the store evolves.

Click here for the full story and more photos.


150th Birthday Celebration

Posted byKatie

It's not every day you get to celebrate someone's 150th birthday.

This week, Ford Motor Company (client) activated efforts worldwide to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of founder Henry Ford. From a giant cupcake birthday cake to road rallies, showroom transformations and of course - a coordinated digital presence that encompassed Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and more - it was a global feat. From the Ford press release, here is a snapshot of some of the activities:

  • The state of Michigan declared this “Henry Ford Day”
  • In Washington, D.C., hundreds downtown and on Capitol Hill marked the day enjoying commemorative cupcakes delivered by a food truck
  • Dealers in 21 Asia Pacific markets have launched Ford Heritage month, transforming showrooms into exhibitions on Ford’s rich history
  • Ford of Germany marked the occasion with a series of five road rallies that celebrated Ford’s numerous automotive breakthroughs over the last 110 years
  • More than 4,000 people attended community events held by Ford in Romania
  • In Great Britain, celebrations were capped by the reveal of a restored statue of Henry Ford at the company’s UK Tech Centre

And, the celebrations have just begun. This week represents the start of a whole year of dedicated events - but live and online. Read the press release for additional details.

Subaru of America Takes Home Another Award

Posted byAlisha

                                                                                                                                                                                              EWI Worldwide client Subaru of America, Inc. won Best Interactive Exhibit for their digital engagement program “Choose Your Subaru Adventure” at this year’s E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards, hosted by EXPO. 

Debuting at the 2012 LA Auto Show, the “Choose Your Subaru Adventure” (CYSA) features an interactive experience where the guests hadtheir photo taken – which they altered with digital props, creating hilarious pictures to then share online.  As a result, social media traffic skyrocketed, dwell time in the booth increased an average of 20 percent, and most guests looked at three cars or more while in the booth.

This award marks the second honor this program has received; it previously won an Industry Excellence Award for best digital out-of-home campaign deployment for self-service/interactive kiosks from the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA).

The E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards were presented June 19th as part of the start of the ExpoNet Conference at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, MD.


EWI Worldwide and HCEA Annual Meeting Join up to Donate 300+ Books to Sammy’s House

Posted byKatie

Thanks to the attendees of the 2013 Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association (HCEA) Annual Meeting, 327 books (and counting!) have been donated to nonprofit Sammy’s House of Austin, Texas.

Sammy’s House supports young children who are medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed and at risk for poor academic achievement. These delays can be due to established risk, such as genetic anomalies, biological risks such as pre-maturity and environmental risks such as prenatal drug exposure, abuse, neglect and poverty.

All of the books donated through the annual meeting will be used to create an early childhood literacy intervention program new initiative, called the G-tEE - Give to Experience Education program - which will offer children an approach to learning that will emphasize multi-sensory, customizable, interactive and inclusive activities to support early childhood literacy and language skills.

Over 40 Annual Meeting attendees personalized books and shared their stories – from the classics to the new favorites – to Sammy’s House. To check out some photos of attendees who were inspired to contribute their favorite book, check out our Facebook page. More photos of the growing literacy program are expected soon.



Posted byAlisha
Encouragement through the use of superhero’s is a brilliant idea and one that speaks to the fundamental belief of most children.  This campaign is not only compassionate it is powerful for the kids and their families. Watch the video above or click here for more information.

Written by Stephene Salcido of EWI Worldwide.

Your Graphic Voice

Posted byAdam Sweet
In this very cool experience, Murmur, by Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Polygraphik and Splank, a user walks up to a peculiar, glowing, megaphone which is connected to a blank concrete wall via an LED-lit cord. 

As you speak, your voice becomes translated into randomized graphics which are projected onto the wall. A few excerpts from a recent article:

“The main idea is to communicate with the wall, trying to turn it from a concrete and cold presence to a living and responsive surface."  

The quirky megaphone and bright, blinking, LED cord... "might seem a bit whimsical, but they’re absolutely integral to visualizing an invisible process, and leveraging digital technology to connect a person to the analog world."

“'The installation is based on the popular kid’s game of listening and talking through [cups] linked by a thread.'”

Link to video.

Read more about it on Co.DESIGN too.

EWI Wins Award for “Choose Your Subaru Adventure” Interactive

Posted byKatie
EWI Worldwide and client Subaru of America, Inc.'s digital engagement program, “Choose Your Subaru Adventure,” has won an Industry Excellence Award for best digital out-of-home campaign deployment for self-service / interactive kiosks from the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA). The awards honor the best self-service, digital signage and mobile technology deployments across all vertical market segments.

The “Choose Your Subaru Adventure” (CYSA) program, debuted at the 2012 LA Auto Show, was designed to create a seamless brand extension that captured the spirit of the Subaru lover – including their passions, activities and how they use their Subaru. The experience invited guests to pose in front of a green screen, where their image was then wirelessly transferred to one of three kiosks in the booth. Guests worked with product specialists to choose their photo and add in different digital layers – from a background location to the vehicle, and a number of fun options ranging from retrievers to armadillos, while sharing information on whether they were a current owner, looking for a vehicle or looking for a local dealer. Not only did booth dwell time increase significantly, but nearly 10,000 attendees emailed themselves their images.

The awards were presented during an awards dinner at the Hilton DFW Lakes, in conjunction with the Digital Screenmedia Symposium. For more details, check out the full news release here.

Congratulations, team!

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