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Marketing Lessons from the iPhone 5 Reveal

Posted byKatie

Photo via Businessweek / Getty Images

There was a lot to take in from the iPhone 5 launch last week. From a marketing perspective, here are the top five takeaways we can all learn from Apple.

  • It's not just about the product. Steve Jobs' stage presence was legendary - Tim Cook's, not so much. At least not until last week, when he surprised everyone. He joked around, felt casual and even had some sharp jibes - getting everyone laughing. A reporter from the New York Times even commented on his stage presence. That alone helped deliver the message in a brighter, more memorable way.
  • It's all about the product. Although the Foo Fighters put on quite a show - the product had to speak for itself. The iPhone 5 had a tough audience, and a lot of eyes on it. Apple spent a huge amount of energy focusing on how the iPhone 5 came to be. The foucs was crystal-clear, and all designed to give the phone the greatest set-up possible.
  • Tell. Then show. Apple set up the product, taking the time to create some context and the story. Next up - the demos. Focusing on apps, surfing the Web and entertainment - or, a short list of how people use their phones, Apple actively demonstrated one of Cook's key messages: “We don’t view our products as a checklist of features."
  • Practice, practice, practice. Product launches are no time for mistimed cues, missed lines or product and technologies that do not work. The best way to guard against this is to practice. And then practice again.
  • Anchor it. A successful product launch can only go so far. Once you've said it, people are going to test it, and early reports are proof positive for Apple's success. According to one Gartner analyst, the iPhone 5 showed how Apple approaches new technologies cautiously until it is sure it can deliver the best experience possible."

By the end of the presentation, Apple’s shares were up $9.20, or 1.4 percent, to close at $669.79. And three days ago, it was reported that the iPhone 5 sold out in 1 hour. A successful product launch doesn't always mean a positive bottom line - but it can go a long way in ensuring that your product reaches a favorable market.


EWI Worldwide Grows Events Division with Hiring of David DiPuma

Posted byKatie
We're pleased to share that we've hired David DiPuma as Creative Producer and Event Manager in our Events Division. DiPuma will be responsible for developing the creative strategy and integrated approach to clients’ event experience while helping them achieve overall program objectives.

Prior to joining EWI Worldwide, DiPuma ran his own consulting and marketing agency, where he provided business and event marketing strategies and event production for a variety of well-known corporations, including CIBA Vision, Habitat for Humanity, Hands on Network, Novartis, Points of Light Institute, Spanx, the College Board and Wal-Mart. DiPuma is also an accomplished speaker and session facilitator at meeting industry conferences and meetings nationwide, involved in the Georgia Chapter of Meeting Planners International (GAMPI) and is the recipient of multiple awards for his contribution and expertise in the meetings and events industry.

DiPuma will be based in Atlanta, Ga.

Please just us in extending him a warm welcome!

Our Team is Growing

Posted byKatie

EWI Worldwide has hired Susan Henderson as Director of Client Services in the Events Division.  In this role, Susan will be primarily responsible for developing U.S.-based corporate events and hospitality programs. She will also be leading opportunities for growth within conferences, sponsorship activations and customer events.


We’re excited to have her on board, and we think you will be too. Susan is an events expert, having 20 years experience running her own destination management company in Atlanta. She’s a Certified Meeting Professional and has worked with Coca-Cola, GE, Home Depot, Microsoft, NBC and Pfizer. She’s also a frequent speaker in the events industry circuit, not to mention contributing author to published whitepaper and a university and college textbook.


Read more about her here and if you haven’t already, stay on top of EWI news like this from our Twitter page.


Bored with the same old Burrito?

Posted byEli
A location-based experience that adds a new layer of interaction and challenge to your check in. And you can create the challenges that a relevant to where you are visiting. See what others user came up with to add to the game.

Corporations Aren't People - People Are People

Posted byAndrew Austin

When someone falls in love with a brand, what is it they actually love?  Do Apple aficionados love the mirrored fruit (certainly browned by now) with a bite taken out of it?  I can tell you from experience, if you can find an ATT lover it’s not because he/she loves the death star.


Verizon did a great job with this with the “people behind the network” campaign.  But this commercial absolutely nails it.   Someone at Intel (or their ad agency) got it.  My nerd background allows me to say things like I LOVE USB (all different iterations of it.)  Intel already has loyalty from quite a few of the people who actually investigate their products.  Now they have put a human face behind the CPU so that their brand will resonate more deeply with others when they see it at Best Buy or on the box of the laptop they’re about to purchase.  “Intel Inside” has a deeper meaning for the consumer because great engineers (actual people!) brought it to you.  (Never mind that the gentleman in the commercial is an actor.)


All brands are made up of people.  People want to love brands and by extension love the people who make those brands lovable.  Retail is the best place to make this happen by giving the perceived brand experts the tools to convert shoppers into brand ambassadors.


Your Story Alive - But Not Your Screen

Posted byAndrew Austin
Here at EWI Worldwide, we have built a robust digital media network for retail locations, trade shows and events based on our years of experience operating networks with thousands of nodes.  The foundation of a network consists of compelling content, a robust distribution model and security.  In some people's opinions the WalMart in Fort Smith, Arkansas network may have had just one of those attributes.
The story below is why we don't use technology like DVD players and other things that are familiar to shoppers when telling a brand's story.
Pair accused of playing porn DVD at Ark. Wal-Mart
FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -- Two Oklahoma men have been arrested for allegedly playing a pornographic DVD on display televisions at a Fort Smith Wal-Mart. Sebastian County jail records show 20-year-olds Cody Allen Sexton and Kenny Dean Andrews were arrested on a felony obscenity complaint.
Police said the two put the pornographic DVD into a player that was connected to six televisions on Sept. 3. The DVD was removed after a customer notified a store manager.
It wasn't clear whether the two have an attorney. Police Sgt. Levi Risley said the two thought they were just pulling a prank.

You Say Hype, I Say Opportunity

Posted byAndrew Austin

Hi there.  I'm Andy, the new blogger here.  I'm kind of the tech geek on the crew, but I try to mask that badge by applying innovation to help salespeople create brand ambassadors.


I was with Cingular/ATT for eight years contributing to retail strategy before joining EWI Worldwide.  While at ATT, I had the pleasure of working with a team of consummate professionals to realize the first worldwide launch of Microsoft Surface.  It had (and still has) the potential to change the way high-touch retail operates, so that shoppers who thought they just wanted a cell phone now fall in love with the brand.


So that's what I’ve got today.  The “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies” as published by Gartner.  (Everyone listens to Gartner right?  If you need to get $8,000,000 for a project at work, cite Gartner.  If you’re screwing up at work, your boss will cite Gartner.)



Let’s try to stay out of the “Trough of Disillusionment” OK?  Home Health Monitoring sounds like something perfect for the same government who brought you Cash for Clunkers.  No reason for a doctor to actually see someone who is sick.  Human touch and interaction is overrated.  (Never mind that human interaction with a perceived product expert is exactly what changes a purchase opportunity into a chance to create someone who loves your brand.)


The “Slope of Enlightenment” is cool, but it’s safe as most of it has already been done.  For example, you’re visiting a corporate blog right now.  The Tablet PC was here with the Newton and it’s going to come back strong.  Speech Recognition is in many new cars and will be in your kitchen more effectively than it was for Jane Jetson.  (I think the 5-10 years is a little too far on that.)


What is really exciting for us, of course, is the upswing of the “Technology Trigger.”  This is where it takes guts to execute and brands still have an opportunity to create huge goodwill when applied appropriately.  We’ll discuss Microsoft Surface and what it has to offer in later posts.  But give some thought to what we can do with 3-D flat-panel displays, human augmentation, and augmented reality. 


There are some exciting projects at EWI Worldwide that I can’t talk about yet, but keep me awake at night because of our good fortune to push the envelope on things like this.  The burden is absolutely on us to move these technologies to the “Slope of Enlightenment” by having the courage to execute.  If we don’t do our jobs, we will fall into the “Trough of Disillusionment.”



Ford knows how to Celebrate a Brand

Posted byJanis Healy
Building excitement on the eve of the LA Auto Show, Ford invited 800 Mustang enthusiasts and a couple hundred key media to the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica for an unforgettable event last November.  The event was to introduce the new 2010 Mustang line-up, but more importantly celebrate and promote the Mustang brand in that moment in time and beyond.  Our team of producers were privileged enough to work with Ford in creating it.

Rather than stopping at the production of a 20-minute theatrical reveal and presentation experience, Ford expanded the launch into a 3 hour event, complete with Mustang and racing themed stunts and interactives, special appearances by Mustang legends (both vehicles and people), keepsake giveaways and a guest-generated Mustang car show. 
It was broadcast live on the Speed Channel and picked up by other media such as this behind-the-scenes video I just ran across on  It really captures the essence of the event and the production that went into it.  Before you push play, note that typical set up for an event of this nature is 4-5 days.  Our crew had 40 hours.  Everything went off on time and without a hitch!  Thanks Garage419 for such great coverage.

Inflatable Digital Multimedia Display - Puffersphere (VIDEO)

Posted byJanis Healy

Inflatable Digital Multimedia Display - Puffersphere (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) Working in advertising for some of the world's big brands introduced me to the fantastic world of event organizing. Europe is the perfect place to find innovative ideas to promote brand launches and events. The Puffersphere, for example, is a phenomenal way to display multimedia shows. So what is thi… [More]

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