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Static Appeal

Posted byJanis Healy
I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago for NAB2008, a tradeshow event produced by the National Association of Broadcasters.  As you can imagine, the show floor is jampacked with multimedia presentations and product demonstrations, from control room monitoring, live animation and surround sound demos to HD projection, video production work stations, and on and on and on. 
No surprise then, that a static image would be a rare and refreshing find. 
Autodesk, who certainly had daily a/v presentations and multiple demo stations, also embraced the idea of static appeal.  They took the childhood viewmaster concept and incorporated it into what was rumored to be a 100% recyclable exhibit (right down to the glue). 
You found yourself drawn to this plain, plywood wall to peek through each and every single "viewing window", which revealed seemingly unrelated photographic images (perhaps showcasing the cool, crisp quality of their video product, frame by frame?).  Whatever the purpose, it was simple, sophisticated, interactive... and completely unexpected.

LG's $100 Million Marketing Hoax

Posted byJanis Healy

Fake Premiers - LG Scarlet (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) LG hosted an elaborate party, complete with red carpet, Wolfgang Puck catering and celebrity attendees for the launch of Scarlett, a brand new TV series. They spent millions on promotions for what appeared to be a new TV show staring a gorgeous action hero. The LA party followed weeks of build up su… [More]


Xerox's Journey Helped by Gabby, the Green Gene Kid

Posted byLaura
Edward Gala, Vice President of corporate marketing at xerox, walked us through xerox's journey during the last session at EMS 2008.  And how experiential marketing was a brand differentiator for them.  On 1/7/08, xerox launched a new logo and a new look and feel - something fairly radical for the first time in 40 years.   It was interesting to realize the new brand was helping launch the re-birth of the "new" xerox.  And for any of us who have gone through this process, it is a real opportunity to look at all of our communication pieces under one umbrella to get the messaging and execution on target.
The YouTube clip shows Gabby, the daughter of one of Edward's colleagues, talking about the different products and demonstrating the strength of xerox's products vs. the competition.  I love it.  Gabby has a lot of presence and the videos are fantastic.  To me, it shows the boldness xerox is willing to take and the strength of their products. It also shows the importance of social media to xerox (actually, using the right mix and the right messages) AND social responsibility - an integral part of their fabric.  Clearly, to develop products like these, it has to be in their DNA - green is not a bandwagon concept for xerox.   
An interesting look into the world of xerox...I wish Edward would have shared what didn't work for them. However, the really important part of Ed's message... the one of getting comfortable with risk taking and being strategic (so one can turn the ordinary into extraordinary) was very well received.

Vitaminwater Brand Phenomenon Hooks Celebrities

Posted byJanis Healy
Second day at the Experiential Marketing Summit, second fantastic keynote.  The video above is one of several vitaminwater ads that was shown yesterday during a captivating presentation given by Glaceau chief marketing officer, Rohan Oza. Part of their "Try it." marketing campaign, this commercial demonstrates one element of the brand's Cinderella success story-- celebrity partners who are true fans of the brand.  Oza told stories of celebrities like 50 cent, Shaq, LeBron James and Kelly Clarkson seeking them out for face time.  The series of ads have personality-- funny, refreshing and right on brand.

Eco Architecture - Green Floating Villages

Posted byLaura
Green Floating Villages - Eco Architecture in Northern England (GALLERY)This is the winning design for an eco-friendly floating village that is planned for Brockholes Wetland and Woodland Nature Reserve in Preston, northern England. The winning concept, created by Adam Khan Architects, plans to use wood and other sustainable materials to build this floating village whic… [More]


Stoli Hotel Takes Home Grand EX Award

Posted byJanis Healy
The EX awards just wrapped up with Pernod Ricard's "Stoli Hotel" winning the competition's top award.  This video of the pop-up retail grand opening in LA, gives you a little taste of the live action.  It's not too late to experience it firsthand.  Campaign producers, Legacy Marketing Partners, announced its New York debut for this May.  A great example of what our industry is capable of doing. 

"Let's make coach suck less." -- EMS Keynote, former JetBlue VP

Posted byJanis Healy
What a way to kick off this year's Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS)-- a candidly remarkable keynote from JetBlue's former vp of marketing, Amy Curtis-McIntyre.  Just two weeks into her new role at the Hyatt here in Chicago, Amy opened her presentation with a crack about the EMS hotel venue escalators only connecting floors 5 and 7 (yes, skipping 6) and ended it with an insightful and relative quote from Maya Angelou.  Covering a wide range of brand building topics, her plain-spoken, often comical stories about her successes at JetBlue were refreshing and well-put.  Like the "in-private" objective driving the development of JetBlue-- "Let's make coach suck less".
Warning that her presentation slides were simple and some of her media spots nearly got her fired, she seemed to make an immediate connection with the audience.  Lots of stuff to take away from her style alone, but here are a few simple, yet effective things she reminded us, as marketers, to never forget.
In her words:
(1) Sell something people want or need.
(2) Give people more than they expect.
(3) Tell people stuff they want to know, the truth for example.
(4) Hire the right people.  Get rid of the wrong ones.  Take good care of the ones you keep.
(5) Good design really does matter.
(6) Look outside your industry for inspiration.
For those of you that attended, feel free to share your thoughts.  This is just a start...

Extending Event Impact Through Social Media

Posted byLaura
So, it's the first day of the 2008 Experiential Marketing Summit and Ric Peeler and Bryan Rhoads from Intel gave a presentation on some of the reasons Intel uses Social Media and their approach.  I thought it was informative - from learning a general overview (via case study examples shown) to helpful analytics (via industry data cited - such as people are 6x more likely to buy product vs. direct mail) and just plain 'ol fun terms like "Google-juice", "link-love" and "color commentary conversations, not copy"...the latter being an important phrase to keep in mind since your goal is to create a relationship, not a marketing brochure. 
Ric and Bryan's passion for Social Media is evident, and is probably what helps drive the authenticity of their campaigns.  Clearly Intel has enjoyed much success with some of their campaigns - CES in particular comes to mind as I've personally experienced a couple of them.  However, what I also liked about their presentation was their honesty about what didn't work so well ... that often they couldn't engage customer in dialogue in their space.  
I'm curious, how do YOU find success with nurturing this balance between corporation and inspiration, yet provide that organic atmosphere where your customers engage in the conversation?

Live Communications Leap Forward at Auto China 08

Posted byMatt
Greetings from Beijing, home of Auto China 2008, and in a few months, the Olympic Games.  I've spent the last two days in Beijing taking in this massive auto exhibition during press days.  Understanding the importance of the China market to the global auto industry, I was anxious to see the progress being made in the development of live communications here.  And boy, did it deliver. 
I saw design and technology that is beginning to rival major auto shows in Frankfurt and Detroit. Press events featuring top stories and top brass.  Significant investments made at every level of the industry, including luxury brands fighting for their share of China's young money. 
Overall, the quality of the communications is beginning to catch up with the sheer scale of it, and that's an exciting prospect for marketers looking to Chinese partners for support penetrating this market.  Clearly, there is still significant progress that has to be made before marketers can expect a consistently good product from a wide variety of live agencies in China.  But Auto China 08 represents a significant step forward in the development of quality live communications.  I can't wait to see what the Olympics and 2010 Expo will do to advance this cause! 

Sao Paulo: The Next Great Frontier for Live Communications

Posted byMatt
What would you do to promote your business in a city of 11 million people if you couldn't advertise?  That's the question on the minds of marketers these days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the city is nearly two years into "Sua Cidade Limpa," the Clean City Law that banned outdoor advertising and placed restrictive guidelines on store signage. 
Watching a presentation by Marc Gobe at GlobalShop last month, it appears that the answer to that question lies, in part, on a renewed focus on the live experience.  Gobe and his team recently returned from a study of Sao Paulo, where they documented cafes competing through compelling architecture and experience, convenience stores merchandising products as art, and businesses using street art to enhance their identity.  Imagination and creativity appear to be taking center stage, igniting live communications in some of the most unexpected places.
It's been clear for some time that live communications have been gaining ground in the shifting marketing mix of brands today.  I wonder if this great experiment in Sao Paulo will become a showcase for the power and emotion possible in live communications, leading the way worldwide for the continued expansion of experience as a marketing vehicle?  Let me know what you think.  I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
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